Knowledge Sharing

Intyal­heme builds on the exist­ing renew­ables exper­tise and infra­struc­ture in Alice Springs, col­lat­ing and curat­ing knowl­edge for an entire col­lab­o­ra­tive net­work. Knowl­edge shar­ing ensures exist­ing knowl­edge can be applied to new projects and enables the devel­op­ment of new knowl­edge. By increas­ing shared knowl­edge across the indus­try, we can more rapid­ly and effi­cient­ly solve the chal­lenge of inte­grat­ing more renew­ables into our pow­er sys­tems. Intyal­heme also shares knowl­edge with the com­mu­ni­ty to pro­mote greater under­stand­ing and enthu­si­asm for renew­able energy. 

Intyal­he­me’s knowl­edge shar­ing activ­i­ties include: 

The Intyal­heme team at the DesertS­MART Eco­Fair in Alice Springs